28 Stylish Lamp Bases (2024)

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“When designing an interior scheme, lamps are usually one of the final elements I think about, alongside cushions, once the paint colours, wallpaper and fabric are all settled on.Lamps help to add whatever colour or feeling is missing – perhaps a punch of something bold or a gentle filler that quietly balances out the other pieces in the room.

“The first thing to consider is the purpose of the lamp. Is it for task lighting, such as reading or working? Or is it for ambient lighting, such as creating a cosy atmosphere in the room? The purpose of the lamp will determine the type of shade you need. A task lamp, for example, will require a shade that directs the light downward, while an ambient lamp will require a shade that diffuses the light.

The size of the table lamp base will determine the size of the lampshade. A lampshade that is too small or too large for the base will look out of proportion and awkward. As a general rule, the lampshade should be at least two-thirds the height of the lamp base but no wider than the widest part of the base.

The SIZE OF THE LAMP BASE will determine the size of the lampshade. A lampshade that is too small or too large for the base will look OUT OF PROPORTION and awkward.

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“The shape of the lamp baseshould also be considered when choosing a lampshade. A round base works well with a round or drum-shaped shade, while a square or angular base works well with a square or tapered shade. The shape of the shade should complement the shape of the base, creating a cohesive and balanced look.

“Lamp bases and lampshades are a brilliant way of building the colour scheme within a room. If the scheme feels a bit flat, I might add a bold shade with a strongly coloured lamp base. If the room is already quite busy, or if the objective is to create a soft mood, then I would choose a simply coloured base and shade. This could be a metal lamp base and a plain shade with some subtle detailing to elevate it, such as a stitched edge or silk trim.

“Whatever your interior style, it’s important to recognise the effect lighting can have in a room. Consider how much light you need in different areas, and choose lamps that will provide ambient or direct illumination while enhancing the overall aesthetic concept. Have fun choosing colours and patterns that will bring personality to the space and remember that swapping out lamps is an easy and cost-effective way to refresh a room whenever you want.”

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28 Stylish Lamp Bases (2024)


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