8 Amazing Yoga Room Decor Ideas for Blissful Meditation - The Yoga Nomads (2024)

Key Takeaway

Discover 8 essential elements to create a blissful, personalized home yoga space on a budget.

Here are 8 yoga room decor ideas and essential elements for designing a personalized home yoga space that offers the same bliss of a studio, at a fraction of the cost.

From the moment I walked in, I felt a rush of peacefulness. Incense burned softly, dim warm lights and Himalayan salt lamps glowed all around, and a big beautiful tapestry covered the wall.

I felt ready to dive into my practice with complete presence and a grounding force.

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Isn’t that the vibe we all crave when we arrive at our yoga mats? It feels like we can melt into our practice and forget about everything else.


  • 1 Why Do You Need a Dedicated Yoga Room?
  • 2 Yoga Room Decor Ideas for an Inspiring Home Yoga Space
    • 2.1 #1- De-Clutter the Space
    • 2.3 #3- The Best Colors for a Yoga Room
    • 2.4 #4- Zen Mood Lighting
    • 2.8 #8- Mirrors for Alignment
  • 3 Creating a Calm Atmosphere
    • 3.1 The Power of Peaceful Sounds
    • 3.2 The Sensory Experience
  • 4 The Importance of Sound in Your Yoga Space
    • 4.1 The Influence of Soundscapes
    • 4.2 Embracing Silence
  • 5 Design with Intention
  • 6 FAQs
    • 6.1 How do I make yoga space in my bedroom?What should be in a yoga room?
    • 6.2 How do I set up a yoga room at home?
    • 6.3 What is the best color for a yoga room?
    • 6.4 How do I make yoga space in my bedroom?
    • 6.5 Was this helpful?

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Yoga Room?

Asana practice should be done in a sacred, soothing place that brings us into a peaceful state of mind, far from the stress of the outside world.

Elements like light, color, scent, and visual arts have an incredible ability to switch your brain into “yoga mode”. Whether you are seeking stress relief, a sweaty workout, a spiritual connection, or all of the above, a special yoga space sets the mood for accomplishing your goals.

A dedicated yoga room (or part of a room) offers the same bliss of a yoga studio without the cost, commute or crowds. Your home yoga space is your special realm to get creative and align your environment with your goals and intentions.

Yoga Room Decor Ideas for an Inspiring Home Yoga Space

#1- De-Clutter the Space

Organization is essential for a yoga space that brings you into a calm, relaxed state of mind. The Feng Shi concept of “saucha” means clean and uncluttered, and it is used in yoga studios all around the world.

A cluttered space yields a cluttered mind, so it is important to remove anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Use only decorations that are inspiring or functional, and take out everything else!This will reduce overwhelm and even encourage you to do yoga more often. Use wooden shelves to hold yoga and meditation books, a woven basket for yoga mats and towels, and hanging hooks for various straps and accessories.


#2- Incorporate Nature & Plants

Bring nature in with plants or terrarium.Trailing golden pathos vines, potted succulents, or mossy glass terrariums are lovely options for a low lighting space. Snake plant, Boston fern, and English ivy offer air-purification and diversity.

If you don’t have any nearby windows, consider bringing in some beautiful branches or driftwood, rocks or crystals, or even dried flowers to invite Mother Earth’s healing energy.

8 Amazing Yoga Room Decor Ideas for Blissful Meditation - The Yoga Nomads (5)

#3- The Best Colors for a Yoga Room

Muted, calm colors are the best for any relaxing space. Think sage green, soft lavender, pastel blue, blush pink, peach orange, or crisp white. Avoid harsh colors like red or bright yellow, which can cause anxiety or stress.

To keep your yoga space healthy for both you and the planet, always use VOC-free eco-friendly paint from brands like ECOS Paints or Benjamin Moore Natura line.

#4- Zen Mood Lighting

Many yoga studios have started incorporating colored light therapy to activate certain parts of the brain during different parts of a yoga flow. And there is real science to back it up.

Red and orange lighting motivate during high intensity ashtanga style poses.

Pink and green lights are more calming for deep stretches and yin yoga.

Blue light is excellent for focus and deep meditation.

Choose dimmable LED strip lights and color-changing mood lights. Add a special mystical vibe to your space with warm hanging lanterns and Himalayan salt lamps.

#5- Candles, Scents & Essential Oils

Scent is a powerful grounding force. Have you noticed how the smell of certain foods can awaken childhood memories from decades ago? This is the same psychology we can use to train our brains to reach a state of peacefulness when we enter our yoga room.

Essential oil diffusers and natural candles are vital elements for a yoga space. You can even use different scents that coincide with specific chakras or intentions. For example, jasmine and lavender are associated with the crown chakra, while patchouli and cinnamon awaken the root chakra.

A burn bundle of healing herbs can be used to smudge or clear the energy before your practice, just try to avoid the endangered white sage (commonly used in most sage bundles) and opt for sagebrush, incense, rosemary, or other fragrant herbs native to your region.

#6- Tapestry & Inspirational Posters

Mandalas, patterns, and photos of natural places will bring a completely different energy to the walls of your yoga sanctuary. Yogic, Ayurvedic, and zen posters can serve as inspirational guides for your practice. Tapestries, or hanging textile art, goes a step further to add a mystical feeling to the room. If you don’t have a full room dedicated to yoga, you can also hang tapestries and curtains from the ceiling to section off a private yoga corner.

#7- Crystals, Statues & Treasures

No yoga room is complete without the energy and beauty of crystals. Choose crystals based on your personal practice goals. For example, Jade brings peace and serenity to the space, while amethyst promotes stability and patience. Rose quartz is the stone of compassion and self-love, while citrine is associated with prosperity and abundance.

The spiritual yogi can take the decor one step further by creating a small altar of crystals, miniature statues, and other treasures to ignite the soul and bring renewed vigor to asana practice.

#8- Mirrors for Alignment

Staying properly aligned during asana practice is vital for avoiding injuries and building stability. Mirrors complete the yoga studio vibe at a fraction of the price. As a bonus, they make even a small corner feel more open and free-flowing.

Creating a Calm Atmosphere

When I consider what sets a yoga space apart, it’s not the decorations; it’s the feel. Many experts emphasize the importance of establishing an ambiance. This is an aspect we have yet to explore. Let’s delve into it.

The Power of Peaceful Sounds

To begin with, take into account the experience in your yoga area. While silence is often preferred, introducing background music or the gentle murmur of a water element can enhance the sense of tranquility. Think about incorporating a fountain or playing soothing melodies. These can help block out distractions.

The Sensory Experience

Moving on, let’s discuss the aspects. The texture of your yoga mat, the sensation of the floor beneath you, and even the room’s temperature can impact your practice. Opt for a mat that feels underfoot and provides grip for your hands. If your space feels chilly think about adding a rug or using a heater to create an environment.Remember, establishing a peaceful setting involves engaging all your senses to support your yoga routine effectively. It’s, about striking that balance that enables you to turn inward and discover serenity.

The Importance of Sound in Your Yoga Space

When discussing the decoration of a yoga room we often emphasize the aspect. However, have you considered the significance of sound? Not just any sound, The kind that enriches your yoga practice. I’ve discovered that incorporating elements that impact the experience can truly enhance a yoga environment.

The Influence of Soundscapes

Crafting a soundscape can be as straightforward as including a water feature. The soothing sound of trickling water fosters a sense of tranquility and aids in concentration during meditation. It’s akin to being close to a stream within your own living space.

Embracing Silence

Conversely think about soundproofing options. It’s not for professional music studios. In a household having the ability to block out noise is invaluable. Simple fixes like curtains or tapestries can help absorb disturbances. This way your yoga room transforms into a retreat of quietness.

Integrating components or establishing an atmosphere may not be the initial consideration for yoga room décor. Nevertheless, it can make a difference. It’s all, about curating an ambiance that engages all your senses elevating your practice to a level. Believe me, once you recognize the impact of sound your yoga journey will reach depths.

Design with Intention

We are so excited to hear about your beautiful new yoga room! But, before you get started, I encourage you to set your intention. Write down 3-5 key results you want to get out of this room. More time to yourself? A space to disconnect? Stress-relief? Less back pain?

Once you identify your goals take a few minutes on your mat or meditation bolster to close your eyes and visualize the magical space you will create and how you will feel when you walk into that space.

Take a few deep breaths, and get designing. This is YOUR creative space to flow and release.


Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

Using bright colors like red in a yoga room can cause anxiety.

Essential oils and natural candles are unnecessary in a yoga room.

Mirrors in a yoga room can help with proper alignment during asana practice.


How do I make yoga space in my bedroom?What should be in a yoga room?

A yoga room should incorporate functional organization for mats, towels, straps, and accessories, as well as inspirational elements like mood lighting, tapestries, posters, incense, mirrors, and crystals.

How do I set up a yoga room at home?

Setting up a home yoga room is as simple as de-cluttering the space, adding natural elements, painting the walls, adding mood lighting, and hanging tapestries or inspirational posters. Here are some inspirational photos and tips…

What is the best color for a yoga room?

Muted, calm colors are the best for any relaxing space. Think soft lavender, pastel blue, blush pink, or crisp white. Use VOC-free eco-friendly paint to keep your yoga space healthy for both you and the planet.

How do I make yoga space in my bedroom?

A yoga space can be as small as corner in a bedroom. Section it off with tapestries and flowing curtains, then add mood lighting, a small mirror, organization, and meditative decor.

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8 Amazing Yoga Room Decor Ideas for Blissful Meditation - The Yoga Nomads (2024)


What is the best color for a yoga room? ›

Yellows and Oranges

These bright, warm colors are calming and welcoming like warm sunlight on your face. Just about any shade of either color will do. If your studio has windows, the lighter shades will bring more natural light into the room. For a more relaxing and intimate atmosphere, darker shades will do.

How to decorate a yoga meditation room? ›

Add soft furnishings, such as throw blankets, pillows or cushions. Incorporate natural elements, such as hard-to-kill houseplants or stones. Personalize the space with inspirational phrases, crystals, scented candles or essential oils.

How do you make a peaceful yoga room? ›

You can set up candles, burn incense, or use an oil diffuser. Lavender and sage are especially prized for potentially relaxing effects. Adding indoor greenery with houseplants is one of Stanley's favorite ways to decorate a yoga space.

How do you make a yoga zen room? ›

Having a room free of clutter is important for focus. You'll want minimal and neutral decor in this space so that it's free of distraction and easy to meditate. Include decor like soft rugs, a mirror, yoga mats and equipment, small cushions, and maybe a desk or small couch if the room is big enough.

What color relieves anxiety? ›

Blue – A highly peaceful color, blue can be especially helpful for stress management because it can encourage a powerful sense of calm. Purple – In many cultures, shades of violet represent strength, wisdom and peace. Purple can invoke a tranquil feeling that helps reduce stress.

Which colour for room gives positive energy? ›

Yellow is the colour of inspiration, happiness, and the sun (the power source of life). It also symbolises communication, self-esteem, and power. Even scientific research state that the hormone associated with happiness increases by yellow colour. Yellow is an excellent hue for a house in general.

What color is calming for yoga room? ›

Great yoga colors include blue, purple, green, yellow, pink, and white. Blue, purple, and green prompt calming and soothing feelings. Yellow, blushing pink, and white create a peaceful environment while also infusing energy into a room.

What is the best color for a meditation room? ›

Some of the most popular earth-tone colors to go with when designing a meditation space include:
  • Neutrals: Beige, Eggshell, Light Brown, Dark Browns.
  • Grey: A variety of grey shades work with a wide range of accent colors.
  • Colors: Rust orange, Hunter green, Navy blue, Cerulean blue, Eggplant, Berry, Blush.
Dec 28, 2018

How do you create ambience for meditation? ›

Consider using soft, warm lighting such as candles or lamps to create a cozy atmosphere, or experiment with colored lighting to create a more vibrant or energizing environment. Use scent to enhance relaxation: Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool for enhancing relaxation and deepening your meditation practice.

What does a yoga room need? ›

Ideal Size For A Yoga Studio
Type Of SpaceStorageArea
Yoga Studio for a small group of 10-20 membersYoga mats, yoga balls, audio/visual systems, dressing room~ 20 square feet (20 * 20 feet)
Yoga studio for a large group of up to 30 membersSimilar to a smaller studio~ 25 * 25 feet or even 25 * 30 feet

How to decorate a yoga studio at home? ›

After all, a good yoga space includes everything you need for your yoga practice. It should be a place where you can store your yoga mat and other exercise equipment. You can then fill your yoga space with natural and colorful lighting, decorative elements, calming scents, and a mirror.

What does a Zen room look like? ›

A zen home interior is all about soft natural colours, so we definitely recommend using tones such as white, grey, beige or pastel peach. These types of colours evoke relaxation and serenity. It's also important to use chromatic harmony (matching or complimentary colours) throughout the different elements in the room.

What is a Zen bedroom? ›

It includes principles of meditation, wisdom, and self-knowledge to help one achieve enlightenment and a better sense of self. Modern zen bedroom ideas seek to embody these principles for a meditative space where you can relax free of distractions.

How to decorate a Zen space? ›

Plenty of sunlight: Natural light helps you relax. Natural elements: Take design inspiration from the outdoors. Neutral colors: Keep a muted color palette. Zen decor: Incense or scented candles, tranquil instrumental music, a rug and meditation cushion.

What are the calming colors for yoga? ›

Cool and calming colors like blue and green are known to have a soothing effect on the mind and body, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Creating a peaceful environment with these colors can help create a sense of tranquility and calm.

What color should I paint my meditation room? ›

Color Psychology for Meditation Rooms

Mauve is graceful and subtle, and it symbolizes imagination and spirituality. Tan and beige are cozy and comforting, and they symbolize simplicity and health. Deep blue is calming and serene, and it symbolizes wisdom, faith and truth.

What color makes you want to exercise? ›

Red has the longest wavelength on the color spectrum, making it a powerful and invigorating hue. It can offer heart rate-boosting powers and make you feel more alert and energized.


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