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By Tom Drake | 18th December 2023 | 5 min read

Refresh your bathroom with our top trends

As our homes continue to evolve into sanctuaries of relaxation and self-care, the bathroom plays an integral role in providing a personal retreat. In this guide, we help you design a space with all the up to date colours, fixtures and layouts that will define bathrooms in 2024.

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Dark green

When the words green and bathroom are put together in the same sentence, many of us will think of avocado bathrooms suites and shudder. However, green is becoming an increasingly popular colour choice for bathrooms.

Dark greens are ideal for anyone looking to bring a darker, more modern look into their bathroom. Unlike dark greys, green will establish a warmer, more natural feel that will in turn help to create a more welcoming space. Whether you go for dark green walls, furniture, or both, it’s a highly versatile colour that will work beautifully alongside matt black or brushed brass fixtures.

Bathroom plants

Plants are becoming an increasingly common sight in bathrooms and this trend is likely to continue through 2024.

Plants can bring a range of benefits to your bathroom including improvements in air quality and moisture absorption. They will also bring natural textures and colours into a space that’s usually occupied by sleek finishes and plain, neutral colours. When you’re designing your bathroom, why not create a dedicated area where you can start growing your own bathroom plants?

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Beautiful blue

An increasing number of people are looking to move away from the traditional white bathroom unitand add more colour into their bathrooms. However, as bathroom renovations don’t happen all that frequently, it can feel quite daunting to go for loud, bright colours. Blue is ideal for anyone looking to add a subtle colour to their bathroom that isn't overpowering, which is why we feel it will continue to grow in popularity through 2024.

Blue is a calming colour that's perfect for anyone looking to turn their bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Blue bathroom furniture will also beautifully complement some of the most popular bathroom tile & wall colours such as dark grey and white.

Luxurious accessories

As many of us look to bring upgrades to our bathrooms on a budget, we feel bathroom accessories are going to become increasingly important.

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make all the difference and the same is true in the bathroom. Adding a few luxurious accessories to your bathroom is an easy way to give the space a high end feel on a budget. From stylish dark blue toilet brushes, to gold waste bins and sleek marble tumblers, these small touches will instantly elevate the look and feel of your bathroom, bringing the atmosphere of a high end hotel or spa to your home.

Zoned bathrooms

Traditionally, you chose one set of tiles and used them across your whole bathroom. However, we feel 2024 is the year the zoned bathroom will really take off.

Bathroom zoning involves using different tiles in different areas of your bathroom to give each space a unique feel. This can help you highlight different spaces, such as a shower or the area around a freestanding bath. It’s also an ideal design choice if there’s a bright or patterned tile you want to use, but feel it will be too overwhelming across the whole of your bathroom.

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Bath-less bathroom

As habits have changed, many of us have started to re-evaluate which fixtures we really need in our bathrooms. This has led to a rise in popularity of the bathroom without a bath, a trend we believe will continue through 2024.

Baths occupy a large proportion of a bathroom and even if you install a shower bath, you're still using up a lot of space for something you might only use a few times a month. As a result, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice to take out the bath and replace it with a shower enclosure. This can help you use your space much more efficiently, while also creating a bathroom that feels less cramped and claustrophobic.

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Black bathroom taps

Black bathroom taps have been increasing in popularity in the past few years and this is only going to increase further through 2024.

Black bathroom taps and showers deliver a striking contrast to the white of basins and shower trays. They're ideal for anyone looking to move away from traditional chrome fixtures and will look great against a wide variety of different bathroom colours, from darker greys and greens, to white and light blue. You can complete the look of your black bathroom taps by pairing them with black bathroom accessories.

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Natural touches

Bathrooms can often feel cold and sterile due to the abundance of smooth surfaces and shiny finishes. However, there's a growing trend of incorporating natural furniture pieces and flooring to counteract this aesthetic. Adding wood bathroom furnitureor flooringcan introduce natural colours and textures which will beautifully contrast with darker bathroom tiles or walls.

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Statement tiled wall

Bright patterned tiles have increased in popularity in recent years as people look to put their own personal stamp on their bathroom. However, tiling all walls in your bathroom with brightly coloured or patterned tiles can create a space that feels chaotic and overwhelming. That’s why we believe 2024 is the year of the statement tiled wall.

This trend involves choosing one wall in your bathroom to install a bright or patterned tile. Whether it’s a shower enclosure or the space behind your freestanding bath, this allows you to create a space that’s unique to you, whilst still maintaining an overall calming aesthetic.

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Shower wall panels

As we’ve seen throughout this article, many of the trends taking off in 2024 have resulted from people moving away from traditional bathroom installation methods. Shower wall panels are no exception.

Shower wall panels are large panels that are designed to be installed in a shower instead of tiling. They allow you to cover a large area much faster than using individual tiles and the lack of grout lines makes them easier to maintain. Shower wall panels deliver a beautifully seamless look to your shower and are available with many patterns that simply wouldn’t be possible with standard tiles. As more and more people start to understand the benefits of shower panels, we believe their popularity will only continue to grow through 2024.

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Large format tiles

Lastly, we feel 2024 will be the year the popularity of large format tileswill take off.

Larger bathroom tiles have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. These larger tiles have fewer grout lines which leads to a smoother, more modern look for your bathroom walls and floors. Fewer grout lines also means easier maintenance as there are fewer places for dirt and grime to accumulate.

That rounds off our picks for the top bathroom trends of 2024. Take a look at our bathroom furniture, basins, taps and bathsto start building your own dream bathroom space.

Bathroom trends 2024 | Bathroom | B&Q (2024)


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