Cute dorm room ideas for girls (2024)

Cute Dorm room ideas

It’s that time of the year to finally decorate your dorm room!! Personalizing and decorating your dorm room all cute is one of the most fun parts of college, whether you have roommates or your own space you get to make the place your own! Basically another excuse to shop for cute stuff and buy new things for your room, bed, and bath. Can’t complain right?

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Why do girls feel the need to decorate their dorm room in college? Well while you’re away from home, it’s nice to have an area that you can call yours and be the closest thing you have to your room at home. It’s also just a fun way to show off all your belongings and the kind of gal you are. It can be any decor that’s cozy, funny, something that inspires you or makes you feel good. My favorites to take to college were throw pillows, pictures of my friends and family, and a tapestry. You can get creative with it and bring whatever things you love the most that will make you have the most chic room.

Dorm room ideas

During my first year in college, I moved three times which you could say gave me many chances to figure out my room decor. I started in dorms, sharing a room with three other gals so I had minimal space to make anything look cute or how I wanted, but I made it work! Everything I picked out ended up being blue so it just made sense to make that my color theme ( which sometimes is easiest when you have to buy a bunch of basics and needs). Each time I moved I wanted to style my room differently and add a little something else to it to make it more fun. My bed would match all my baskets I put my clothes and supplies in because I wanted it to tie together but also wasn’t trying to look like a sea of blue. As you can probably already tell I got really into my decorating and probably had more decorations than I knew what to do with. But hey, that’s the fun in it is you get to make it whatever you want and go all out if you choose to.

Anything from lights, to wall decor, bedding ideas, or ways to make use of your space, you will find it here. Many of these are simple additions and decor you can play around with to make it the look you’re wanting for your dorm room.

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Strung lights

Not only do I love lights but I love the way these are strung! Hanging lights in your dorm room truly do make a difference and they’re something you can put anywhere and will look great! I haven’t lived in a room where I didn’t string lights and as far as I can remember from all my college living situations, that was one of my must-haves!

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Chandelier w/ curtains

For dorm rooms that have more limited space and more people in them, sometimes it’s easier to focus on the one thing everyone can make look good- your bed! Check out this dope curtains!! Who would’ve thought that curtains you’d typically use for your window are super cute along your bed? I am loving this look and it’s so fitting with the setup of these beds. I also love the touch of the chandelier, it’s a perfect accent piece to the curtains and even though this doesn’t look like much space, how it’s decorated makes it seem like there’s more.Cute dorm room ideas for girls (4)


Macrame is one of my go-to’s for decorating your room. They fill up space and look super cute doing so! If you tie it in with some other cute blankets or wall pieces you will have a whole look going for your dorm room. I love that most macrame’s are simple yet add so much to a room and make it 10 times cuter.

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All things white

I don’t care who you are or the fact this is just a dorm room, everything white looks GOOD. White pillows, white walls (if you can find a dorm room that cool), white rug, everything white already looks so clean and pretty! I wanted all white in my first dorm but also knew how quickly things would get dirty so I didn’t even try, but it’s still a bomb look!!

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Is this not the most clever and dreamy look for a dorm room you ever did see? I love this use of space and it’s literally perfect for all your friends you have in your dorm room (maybe you’ll make even more friends with a super cool sofa, who knows). If you’re going for cozy I say this is it! You can find any small couch to put under your bed with some throw pillows and a tapestry, and you will have the sickest dorm room for sure!

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The whole look

Everything about this look just gets me. This is what I love about creating your own space is you can literally make it what you want! Finding all the cutest wall pieces, pictures, mirrors, maybe a plant, and having them match accordingly is an actual look.

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Wall accessories

This is another great use of wall accessories but the look of hanging posters and pictures while draped a macrame or lights across is my kind of look. I love the whole sense of layering but not having it look too cluttered! There’s so much you can do with wall accessories and they truly make everything more lively and more you!

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Just the fact of owning a hammock as cute as this gets me excited. Why by a chair when you can tie a hammock to your bed?? This is adorable and the tapestry behind it is so fitting. There is no wrong addition to add to your dorm room or something that will necessarily look out of place! This hammock does everything and I would absolutely have it in my dorm room ( imagine all the cute pictures you could get).

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Throw pillows

Throw pillows are pretty much one of those things you have to have in college because they’re so gosh dang cute. Throw pillows add so much color and “extra” to your dorm room that it needs. They really bring the room together and it’s an easy and cheap way to decorate (heck, you could make your own).

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Desk area

If you’re going to work at your desk all day it’s going to have to be cute, right? We all know it’s easier to work in a place you actually enjoy. It can be a small space that you still make look super cute! I love the look of the shelves above and allows for more room to decorate around the bed!

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Wall design

Yes, dorm room walls are very boring and yes you can buy designs or a tapestry like one this to make it look better! Tapestry fix everything and take up room, it’s great. We love tapestries and we love big wall designs. I guarantee you will want one of these in your dorm room, I know I did!

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One of the other go-to decorations I have to have in my room, PICTURES. In my first dorm room, I made a collage of pictures right above my bed and it was one of my favorite things to see every day. Just having your best memories with you and pictures to look back and add to while in your dorm is so fun!

Cute dorm room ideas for girls (2024)


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