Mark Zuckerberg’s football field-sized facility has a doomsday bunker (2024)

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In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg began purchasing land parcels along the northeast side of Kauai island in Hawaii and constructing six-foot walls to block views from nearby roads.

After a series of public record requests and interviews, Wired has now learned that the Meta CEO is building a professional football-field-sized facility with at least 30 bedrooms, baths, conference rooms, offices, elevators, an industrial-sized kitchen, and an underground doomsday bunker.

Kauai is the smallest of four main islands Hawaiian islands with a population of 73,000 people who are native Hawaiians or descendants of migrant laborers who worked on plantations in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, the island's economy is fueled by tourism and an uptick in the construction industry that focuses on building luxury homes for the ultra-rich.

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Over the past decade, Zuckerberg's land holding has swelled to 1,400 acres, and inside this compound, Mark and his wife Priscilla plan to construct the "Koolau Ranch" even though it might not sound like a ranch. Together with land acquisition and construction costs, the couple is spending more than US$270 million to build one of the most expensive properties in the world.

What is Koolau Ranch?

From the design plans viewed by Wired, we know that the facility will host two mansions with a floor area of 57,000 square feet (5,295 sq m). Another building is designed to host facilities like a full-sized gym, swimming pool, sauna, hot tubs, and a tennis court. In addition to operation buildings, the woods nearby will host 11 tree houses interconnected with rope bridges.

The idea that this is more than just a personal getaway for the Zuckerbergs is further reinforced with plans for a 5,000 sq ft(464 sq m) underground bunker with a living space, mechanical room, and blast-resistant steel and cement door. The property is also designed to be self-sufficient, with the inclusion of an 18 feet high and 55 feet-wide water tank.

Schemes and Secrecy

Zuckerberg's plans to build a bunker for himself are not very different from those of other billionaires who have purchased properties away from the mainland US to safeguard themselves in case of an apocalyptic event. However, the decision to purchase and build something has been shrouded in secrecy.

Mark Zuckerberg’s football field-sized facility has a doomsday bunker (1)

The property is owned by more than ten shell companies that filed lawsuits against landowners in the area to either sell their lands or bid for them in an auction. Reports allege that Zuckerberg supported a resident in buying up these land parcels, who also ended up winning side of auctions by paying over two million at bids.

The project is shrouded in secrecy associated with a military establishment, with contractors not only being required to sign strict non-disclosure agreements before taking up work but also required to work without interacting with other crews on site. Wired also reported that contractors were allegedly fired for sharing site images on social media platforms such as Snapchat.

In 2019, a 70-year security guard allegedly died of a heart attack after a 12-hour shift at the facility, but the family was not provided details surrounding his death, nor did the guard provide details of his employment to the family owing to the NDA.

A spokesperson for the Zuckerberg family, however, told TIME that the construction of the bunker was being undertaken in compliance with local laws. Previously, 80 luxury homes were planned for the site, but the Zuckerbergs only used one percent of the land for construction while leaving the rest for farming, ranching, and wildlife preservation.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s football field-sized facility has a doomsday bunker (2024)


Which celebrities have bunkers in doomsday? ›

Kim Kardashian, Shaquille O'Neal and Tom Cruise are said to have built bunkers or temporary safe rooms. Bill Gates apparently has bunkers under his homes. But in the Big Apple, where space is scarce and the city is vertical, preparing for the end of the world takes some creativity to go with all that cash.

Why are billionaires buying bunkers? ›

Are billionaires prepping for an upcoming apocalypse? Some conspiracy theorists suggest that there is something these billionaires know — something bad that is likely to happen in 2024, and this is why they are building the secret bunkers.

Why would Mark Zuckerberg build a bunker in Hawaii? ›

Now, this bunker of Zuckerberg's is no ordinary hideout. It's like a small town underground, with a bunch of buildings, bedrooms, and even its own energy and food supplies. Sounds wild, right? One reason floating around is security and privacy.

Who owns the Facebook bunker? ›

Inside plans for Mark Zuckerberg's massive $260M bunker on secluded Hawaiian island. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has spent the past several years acquiring an enormous parcel of land on a picturesque and secluded Hawaiian island.

Who are the famous billionaire bunker owners? ›

Synopsis. Florida's Indian Creek Village is also known as 'Billionaire Bunker'. It has long been known for its incredibly deep-pocketed residents. They include Jeff Bezos, Ivanka Trump, hedge fund king Ken Griffin, Tom Brady, Carl Icahn, Eddie Lampert and singer David Guetta.

What is the largest Doomsday bunker in the world? ›

Vivos xPoint is located near the Black Hills area of South Dakota, just south of the City of Edgemont. The Black Hills Army Base was originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers as a fortress to store bombs and munitions, from 1942 to 1967, when the base was completely retired.

Who is the biggest bunker in the world? ›

Touted as the largest and safest underground survival bunker in the world, Europa One is also considered one of the most opulent.

What is Zuckerberg bunker? ›

Mark Zuckerberg bought the land in a series of deals beginning in August 2014. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is building a massive underground bunker, according to a report in It will be a part of the sprawling luxury estate the billionaire is constructing on a remote Hawaiian island called Kauai.

What billionaires own land in Hawaii? ›

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns a sprawling beach mansion in Maui. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has plans to build a bunker on his land in Kauai, according to Wired. Benioff's former boss, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, owns 98% of Lanai.

How much of Hawaii does Mark Zuckerberg? ›

According to an report from WIRED, Zuckerberg's super compound sits on 1,400 acres of land on the Koolau Ranch in Kauai, complete with top-notch security and a 5,000-square-foot underground shelter that's packed with its own food and energy supplies.

How much land does Mark Zuckerberg have? ›

Mark Zuckerberg owns over 1,200 acres of land. Here's a look at his properties across the US, from a Hawaiian doomsday bunker to Lake Tahoe estates. Mark Zuckerberg has been quietly snapping up massive chunks of real estate for years.

Who owns 100% of Facebook? ›

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world as measured by monthly active users. The largest individual shareholder of Meta is its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The largest institutional shareholder of the company is Vanguard Group.

Is Mark Zuckerberg building an underground mansion in Hawaii? ›

Mark Zuckerberg and family are building an underground bunker. Work is underway on the Hawaiian island of Kauai for a 1,400-acre complex for the Meta founder and CEO that will ultimately be one of the most expensive properties in the world, according to a recent report in Wired.

Who has built bunkers recently? ›

On the heels of Sam Esmail's apocalyptic thriller Leave the World Behind and December news reports that Mark Zuckerberg is constructing a 5,000-square-foot bunker under his ranch on the island of Kauai, the business of fortified shelters is booming.

Are billionaires buying underground bunkers? ›

Oracle founder Larry Ellison purchased 'almost all' of the Hawaiian island Lanai. Yes, their vast estates do include bunkers and other technologies traditionally associated with prepping. For example, the mansions of Ko'olau Ranch are connected through underground tunnels that feed into a large shelter.

Do millionaires have bunkers? ›

Some of the world's wealthiest people have more than fame and fortune in common—some also have luxury underground bunkers.


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